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A life of balance, simplicity and joyMy dear friend and fellow dietitian, Chere Bork, inspired me with her blog post yesterday:  http://cherebork.com/blog/?p=2651 “Go for the Gold” Jump Start Your Year with a Review of the Old!

It’s a must read if you are in the midst of starting your New Year’s Resolutions.  For me, I look to the new year with visions of goals and what I can accomplish and often forget how much I have already done.  So I took her steps and put them into a handout format for myself and created my 2012 Wins Review.  What an eye opening experience.

Here are a few wins from my list:

  • I started this blog in March 2012!
  • I won the Emerging Dietitian Award for the state of Minnesota in April of 2012!
  • I had a health crisis in the fall- yes that was a win – because through that three month paralyzing period full of fear, I discovered what really matters to me was that I needed to simplify my life.  I know I should have known that before and I did, but it was a big wake up call to action.  Through that, I simplified, I balanced and did things with intention.
  • I took a relaxing beach vacation with my family.

It’s kind of like driving a car – you’ve got to look in the rear view a little to know what’s going on behind you in order to make you a better driver as you travel forward.

That seashell above was a picture I took on the beaches of Sanibel Island.  What a way to remember to keep balance in mind.  Where I picked it up out of the sand, it left an indentation, just like we do each day with our actions and choices in our own lives and the lives of others.  We each make an imprint.

And for the past couple of years, I have been picking a word for the year ahead:

  • 2011: discovery
  • 2012: intention
  • 2013: simplicity and joy

When we were in Florida on the beach, this yellow flower washed up with the waves out of nowhere as I was standing in the Gulf of Mexico with my family.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it – it was such a simple and beautiful reminder that it’s the simple things that really stand out and are important in life.  Here’s to living life with priorities in mind! Celebrating joy and cheers to you.


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